Molokaʻi Math Day is an outreach event featuring math and science related games and activities developed by both Molokaʻi High School and Akaʻula Middle School students for their community. Initiated by SUPER-M and the two schools in the Spring of 2010, Molokaʻi Math Day has steadily grown into one of the most significant annual events for SUPER-M, with organizations such as the Institute for Astronomy, Stanford Solar Center, and Grove of Hope joining SUPER-M for the event with their own STEM activities. Through this event, SUPER-M hopes to encourage more students of Molokaʻi to find interest in STEM related fields while bringing the University to their doorstep.


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For more information about Molokaʻi Math Day or if your organization would like to join us, please contact the SUPER-M Project Manager at