Aaron has research interests in biological mathematics - specifically models pertaining to populations, biological systems, and medical research - and operations research, the mathematics of management, efficiency, and decision-making. Both are fields which use mathematics to answer complicated real-world questions: How do you design a bus network? What strategy should you use for viral inoculations in the event of an epidemic? How do you preserve endangered native species? Where should I eat lunch?

His current research is modeling early embryonic development on a cellular level. How did we go from a single egg cell to a human infant? How do birds go from a single cell to a chick? How do fish go from a single cell to a fry? Development must be controlled – but how? Answering this question may one day lead to preventative treatments for early developmental disabilities.

In his first year as a Fellow, 2011-12, Aaron partnered with Sam Woo at Waipahu High School

For the 2012-13 year, his second year as a SUPER-M Fellow, and Aarons was assigned to Aiea Intermediate School. Here, he began a lunch-time math club and a monthly lecture series with topics that included baking, marine acoustics, and his research.

Aaron's CV