As a masters student in mathematics, Justin researched applications of abstract algebraic groups to music theory. Notes in the Western scale can be thought of as Elements of a specific type of set upon which transformational functions can be applied. Similarly, components of musical compositions can be analyzed for their algebraic structure and represented geometrically.

Justin also worked with Japanese mathematician Manabu Hagiwara in his efforts to produce a new code for data transmission resilient against channel noise. Specifically, his research led to investigating the possible use of algebraic dihedral groups in a code.

As a Super M fellow in the 2011-12 year, Justin partnered with Ewa Makai Middle School math teacher Courtney Gill. Each week, he would introduce a mathematical activity or engaging mathematics problem for each of the 7th and 8th grade classes. Justin is also responsible for organizing and coaching the brand new Ewa Makai math team, which participated in the annual Mathcounts competitions for the first time in 2012.

Justin successfully completed the MA program in 2012, earning his Masters in Mathematics.