Geoff is studying optimal control theory and its applications to orbital transfers.

Say you have a satellite orbiting at a distance X away from the Earth, but you'd like it to be at a distance Y instead. Which thrusters do you fire, and when, to get your satellite on the correct trajectory? Since there are no gas stations in space, how do we complete the transfer using the least amount of energy? By applying principles of optimal control theory, it is possible to answer questions like these.

More specifically, Geoff is working with colleagues at the Hawaii Institute For Astronomy to design a space shuttle mission to a Natural Earth Satellite (NES), which would be any object temporarily caught in the Earth-Moon gravitational system.

In the 2011-12 year, Geoff began his SUPER-M Fellowship parterning with Kumu Michael O'Connell at Ke Kula ʻO Samuel M Kamakau LPCS. During his time there, he led after school math clubs which culminated in the construction of a 3D printer!

For his second year, 2012-13, Geoff partnered with Sarah Schoenfeld at Kanuikapono on Kauaʻi. With his weekly trips, Geoff utilized media to engage kids in math activities and started an after school math club as well.

Geoffrey's CV