Over the years, SUPER-M has collected and developed a number of math activities and lessons. One of the fellows’ main tasks is to create and perfect lesson plans based on their mathematical knowledge and experiences. It can be difficult to translate complex concepts into fun activities that a child can appreciate, but they manage to pull it off beautifully, entertaining children in the classroom and at our public events.  If you are ever stumped as to how to teach a certain concept to your students or just want to find a fun game you can play with your kids, this is the place to be! Although textbooks and software are very helpful, nothing beats the value of human interaction. Children learn best when they are having fun.

Below you will find various lessons and/or activities you may use in your classroom. We hope these activities can help show students the fun in mathematics. Clicking a lesson will open a pdf in a new tab. If you have any problems interpreting the lesson plans, please contact our Project Manager at superm.hawaii@gmail.com or (808) 956-4669.

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