SUPER-M Fellows are graduate students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa who have been carefully selected through a competitive application process. At the beginning of the fall semester, they attend our two-day workshop, where they get to meet their partner teachers and plan for the school year. During the semester, they enroll in a course called “Issues in K-12 Mathematics Education”, in addition to planning workshops for teachers with activities based on their research. Each Fellow spends ten hours per week in their partner teacher’s classroom; an additional five hours per week is devoted to developing K-12 educational math activities or organizing outreach events dedicated to raising awareness in Hawaii for the necessity of mathematical proficiency and the avenues of success STEM fields offer. As an overall mission, the Fellows help people discover a different side of math, a side not printed in a textbook. Each Fellow brings an enthusiastic insight to the classroom, leaving a permanent impression on teachers and students alike. Even after the school year ends, the Fellows’ impact will resonate with the teachers and students as they continue to tackle their mathematical challenges in the future. Learn more about the Fellows, their research, and their SUPER-M partnership below.