With the end of our grant in summer 2015, we are no longer accepting applications. For more information, please contact the program manager.

SUPER-M aims to develop partnerships with K-12 teachers who are committed, communicative, and responsible instructors with a passion for mathematics.

By joining SUPER-M, each Partner Teacher will collaborate with a SUPER-M Fellow for one school year, assisting the Fellow with their communication and teaching skills. Ideally, the Partner Teacher bridges the gap between their Fellow and students. Together, the teachers and Fellows engage the students with mathematics in a stimulating environment to promote learning and retainment.

As a Partner Teacher in SUPER-M, you will be expected to: take part in a two-day workshop in August, coordinate and communicate with your Fellow throughout the year, assist your Fellow with any lessons created as well as the formating, attend a professional development workshop in November, meet throughout the year with the SUPER-M to discuss your progress/experience, and evaluate your Fellow.

SUPER-M Partner Teachers are compensated via a stipend of $1,900 per semester, as well as University approved travel or other costs.

SUPER-M accepts applications from all K-12 math teachers across the state of Hawaii, including resource teachers, curriculum developers, and any other position in K-12 education if it is related to math.

With the end of our grant at the end of summer 2015, SUPER-M is no longer accepting applications.

Please contact the program manager if you have any questions at superm.hawaii@gmail.com or call 808-956-4669.