Math Teachers' Circle Hawaiʻi
Math Teachers' Circle Hawaiʻi (MaTCH) is a professional organization of teachers, mathematicians, and mathematics educators who will meet regularly to solve mathematical problems. In MaTCH, we share a common belief that when teachers themselves engage in mathematical problem solving activities they further their own math knowledge as well as develop skills to anticipate when their students will struggle.

In June 2010 Professor Michelle Manes organized a team from Hawaiʻi -- SUPER-M fellow Eric Reckwerdt, middle school teachers Seanyelle Yagi and Stephanie Kamakeeaina, and CRDG's Linda Venenciano -- to attend the "How to Run a Math Teachers' Circle" workshop at the American Institute for Mathematics at Palo Alto, CA (see The goal of the training was to bring middle school math teachers together with professional mathematicians to work on mathematically rich problems and enhance teachers’ content understanding and problem solving skills.

The Hawaiʻi team worked with other Math Teachers' Circle teams from around the country, doing mathematical problem solving activities led by university or industry mathematicians. One of the highlights of the workshop was a fantastic problem solving session led by a mathematician who worked for FaceBook. And another highlight shared by one of the teachers was that the MTC experience enabled classroom math teachers to observe the thinking processes mathematicians engage in, as well as develop their own content understanding.

Since the first Math Teachers' Circle began meeting at AIM in 2006, AIM has helped launch an additional 14 MTCs around the country. It is projected that each Math Teachers’Circle of 15 to 20 teachers affects approximately 1,500 to 2,000 middle school students per year. Our goal is to recruit 20 middle school math teachers to create our Teachers' Circle. Would you like to become one?

MaTCH is also looking for presenters--someone who loves mathematics and can lead the group through an engaging problem solving activity (using their own or one from the databank) in a fun and friendly way. For activity ideas see

If you would like more information about the Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawaii or would like to become involved please contact Linda Venenciano at